Collections are composed of Capsule, Pipelines, No-code Apps, and Data Assets, organized by Administrator-defined topics. They allow for better asset management at the organization level, increased discoverability, and re-use of “Gold Standard” assets.

Collections have their own dashboard, available from the Navigation sidebar.

On the Collections page, you are able to view all Collections created by your Code Ocean Admin, which could correspond to categories such as projects or data type.

Adding Assets to Collections

You can add any Release Capsules/Pipelines, No-Code Apps, and Data Assets that you are the owner of. This can be done by first using the file tree to select the collection you would like to add to

Click the Manage Assets button to open a side panel.

This opens a side panel with a list of research assets than can be added to the Collection. This list can be filtered by asset type and searched for with free text search. Metadata filters can also be used to search for Data Assets. This feature also supports the bulk addition or removal of assets.

Once this is done, you can see the asset in the Collection you created under the relevant section.

To delete this asset from the collection, hover over the asset and click the trash can icon.